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Royal Mysore Sandal Deeply Nourishing Salvation Body Butter

Sandalwood was a sacred part of royal Mysorean society, regarded as the axial tree in all of the land. The sandalwood’s heartwood was considered holy, and its precious fragrance was said to carry the scent of all of paradise. The empyrean tree gifted tokens of love to the royals, lending its buoyant trunk to figurines, its billets to sweet scented paste and its oil to attars and ointments. And yet, its biggest gift was its ability to bless the royals’ skin by curing scars, blemishes and imperfections. The royal families of India used sandalwood oil to brighten their complexions, treat suntan and soften skin. Sandalwood came to be regarded as holding amazing restorative powers granted by Swarga, a belief that is wonderfully reflected in the Royal Mysore Sandal Body Butter by Timeless Beauty Secrets.


  1. Visibly softens the skin
  2. Long-lasting moisturisation
  3. Helps in reducing bemishes and soothes skin

Java Coconut And Orange Refreshing Anti Microbial Hand and Body Wash

Crafted as a anti-microbial, purifying, cleansing and revitalising hand and body gel, the Java Coconut & Orange Bath Gel by Timeless Beauty Secrets draws inspiration from the ancient botanical recipes of Java. Scented with fresh coconut and citrus and speckled with exfoliating orange granules, this organic, pH-balancing gel calms the senses and serves to gently scrub away dead cells, soothe sensitive skin and provide abundant hydration. The bath gel forms a satin-soft wrap on the skin and leaves it soft, smooth,free from harmful germs and radiant. With coconut oil and orange oil crowning the composition, the Java Coconut & Orange Bath Gel also contains neem.

Egyptian Goat Milk Softening & Moisturising Lustrous Lip Butter

The Egyptian Goat Milk Lip Balm by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a thoughtfully tailored, antioxidant-packed formula ideal for dry, flaky and dull lips. This lip balm imparts deep nourishment and long-lasting moisturisation and serves to heal dryness and flakiness. It smooths the texture of the lips, evening out lip tone, and leaves lips looking softer, fuller and healthier. Additionally, it accentuates the lips by plumping the lip line. The formulation is reigned by goat milk, which works as a natural exfoliant by brushing away dead cells and lifting healthier, smoother layers of the lips to the surface. This moisturising balm is infused with hardworking emollients like shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, vanilla bean oil, honey and grapeseed oil. It also contains coffee, liquorice and aloe vera, which lend antioxidants, lip-brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. This ultra moisturising lip balm is tinted with brown colour and gives a warm rust brown colour to the lips.

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Buy it with special combo offer

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