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Caribbean Mango Butter All Day Moisturizing Serenading Body Essence

Long before the Spanish conquest of the Caribbean islands, the Caribbean Plate cradled a vibrant culture that mirrored the tropical spirit of their homeland. Known as the Tainos, these people’s spirituality centred on elements of the earth; they worshipped the moon, still waters, crops and fertility. Such was their fervour towards their land, that the heavens granted them a magical gift in return for their devotion: a divine mango whose every part would bless the Tainos tribe. The pulp supplied the Tainos with sweet nourishment, but it was the kernel that became the heart of the Tainos’ culture. The kernel extracts provided the tribe with a sacred butter that shone on the skin and served as a sublime emollient against the harsh, drying sun. The butter was applied as a face film by day and as a face pack by night, working in perfect harmony with the sun and the moon. The tribe came to worship the butter as a holy antidote that worked to protect their skin from elemental forces. In time, the Caribbean mango butter became deep-seated in the Tainos’ legacy, one that is still remembered and celebrated.



  1. Deeply Moisturises
  2. Light and non-greasy formula
  3. Soothing on skin
  4. Has Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Java Coconut and White Tea Anti Microbial & Revitalising Hand & Body Wash

Soak in the essence of the ancient royal Indonesian purification rituals with the Java Coconut & White Tea Bath Gel by Timeless Beauty Secrets. A timeless combination of fresh, exotic coconut and scented white tea, this pH-balancing hand & body gel is a heavenly, hydrating, plant-powered formulation that envelops the skin in potent butters, oils and extracts. It provides an invigorating, revitalising experience while serving to kill harmful germs, shed dead cells to reveal brighter, smoother and younger skin. The Java Coconut & White Tea Bath Gel is kind and gentle on the skin and is allergen-free. With coconut oil and white tea as the reigning ingredients, it also contains jasmine oil and neem.

Egyptian Goat Milk Softening & Moisturising Lustrous Lip Butter

The Egyptian Goat Milk Lip Balm by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a thoughtfully tailored, antioxidant-packed formula ideal for dry, flaky and dull lips. This lip balm imparts deep nourishment and long-lasting moisturisation and serves to heal dryness and flakiness. It smooths the texture of the lips, evening out lip tone, and leaves lips looking softer, fuller and healthier. Additionally, it accentuates the lips by plumping the lip line. The formulation is reigned by goat milk, which works as a natural exfoliant by brushing away dead cells and lifting healthier, smoother layers of the lips to the surface. This moisturising balm is infused with hardworking emollients like shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, vanilla bean oil, honey and grapeseed oil. It also contains coffee, liquorice and aloe vera, which lend antioxidants, lip-brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. This ultra moisturising lip balm is tinted with brown colour and gives a warm rust brown colour to the lips.

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Buy it with special combo offer

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