Indus Valley Yashada Dust Anti-Microbial Sun Veil Cream For oily skin

Rs. 990

Unearth the sun-shielding, mineral properties of yashada bhasma with the Indus Valley Yashada Bhasma Sun screen for Oily Skin by Timeless Beauty Secrets. This feather-light formulation has been perfected for oily skin. It serves as a potent veil against the fiery sun. It cogently filters ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light and its infusions of shea butter, kokum butter and almond oil ensure deep moisturisation, a controlled shine and a lightweight, non-greasy application. The formulation maintains the pH balance of the skin and is non-comedogenic. Its composition is crested by yashada bhasma (zinc oxide), and also contains aloe vera, liquorice, ashwagandha and titanium dioxide. Plant-based squalane ensures the penetration of sun-protecting nutrients deep into the skin.

Buy it with special combo offer

Buy it with special combo offer

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