Indus Valley Cow Ghee Unscented Day & Night Resurrection Face Cream For Tender Skin

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Gain the benefits of the Indus Valley’s cow ghee rituals now in an all-new, unfragranced formulation for tender and sensitive skin. This gentle, antioxidant-rich and non-comedogenic face cream is created purely from herbal extracts, with zero additives, offering nature’s healing in a contemporary format. Tied together by deeply moisturising ingredients like cow ghee, shea butter, kokum butter, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil and vetiver oil, glycerin works to lightly envelop the skin and preserve moisture, while working in perfect synchrony with the skin’s natural pH composition. Amla, liquorice, ashwagandha, saffron, aloe vera, red sandalwood and nagkesar contribute towards erasing dark spots, diminishing blemishes, conditioning skin, offering anti-inflammatory properties and giving radiance by lessening melanin production. Especially noteworthy in this cream, is its goat milk, which works to gently dissolve dead skin cells on the face, to reveal radiant, unblemished skin. Plant-derived squalane allows the penetration of nutrients deep into the skin. Although there are no added fragrances, the natral fragrance of ingredients like saffron, sandalwood, vetriver etc will come through.

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