Byzantine Oat Milk Unscented Delicate Body Butter For Tender Skin

Rs. 950

More than 2,000 years ago, in the lap of the Byzantine empire, the Roman noblesse started a rich cleansing tradition that elevated the kingdom to the pinnacle of worldly beauty. The Romans went to great lengths to veil their noteworthy beauty ceremonies, travelling all the way to the Bosphorous Strait to share their secret only with the sea. They would submerse themselves in the blue waters, and release fistfuls of oats onto their trembling bodies. The oats would cast bewitching spells on the Romans, easing their discomfort, erasing rashes and abrasions and gently cleansing their skin. And when they emerged from the water, their bodies would scintillate in the sunlight. The Byzantine Oat Milk Body Butter by Timeless Beauty Secrets is a reimagination of the Romans’ idyllic beauty regime.


  1. Visibly softens the skin
  2. Long-lasting moisturisation
  3. Helps in reducing bemishes and soothes skin

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